What Are The Android Phone Symbols at Top of Screen, How to Hide Status Bar Icons.


Are you feeling annoyed about staring at the status bar icons and yet you are curious about what are those Android phone icons at top of screen really means?

To help you feedback on your curiosity, we have prepared a complete informative guide that will assist your for better understanding about the different symbols you saw on the Android Status bar.

Due to tremendous amount of over rushing the technology to connect the world via communication systems, the smart devices have changed the world of communication completely. Being the top preferred Operating System, of Android OS from Google company, the prolonged of smartphone users is getting even larger all thanks to the variety of design, brands of smartphones that can be afforded by much great range of population in the world in the 20th centuries.

As more new users of Android are coming in, thus there are some unfamiliarity seen in using this new system are known to be very common.

If you are new to Android, you may notify from the top of screen showing notification status bar appears with various symbols in almost all Android phones.

Although some notifications are found to be quite familiar for all including the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and etc, but there some others symbols appears to be unfamiliar and that can cause curiosity for most Android users.

To Understand Android Phone Symbols at Top of Screen.

Now you have just hands on more on your newly Android device you possessed and its real smooth sometime have caught you off guard about what’s really happening on the status bar.

As you are using your Android Phone, more and more icons appeared on top of the screen which is what getting your curiosity what that icons really means.

Don’t worry as a new Android user, sometimes even with those who are quite familiar with Android phone users, some of the icons that suddenly appears on the status bar could look complicated to tell what that really means.

We have assisted you to compile all the basic notification icons and even the lesser known notification icon that would someday appear on your status bar. So here is the tabulated list of icons that would show up in your Android phone status bar, thus check it out below and be ready to understand what that really means and take necessary action at your needs.

How to Hide the Android Phone Icons at Top of Screen?

The Android status bar was meant for allowing users to understand what is happening to your phone.

Along the time you have been using your phone, the status bar may be crowded with more and more notification due to more features being turned on by you actually or accidentally.

Eventually, as the crowded notification bar is getting lesser room to display, you could be curious about how to hide all the unnecessary icons to detox from the overcrowded notification on your phone.

So have compiled an easy solution for you to Hide the Android Phone Icons or Symbol appeared on Top of Screen (Click here for Notification Bar Icon List).

Here Is How To Hide The Android Phone Icons At Top Of Screen?

  • Android version 6.0 Marshmallow (hold the setting icon long)
  • Android version 7.0 Nougat (hold the setting icon long)
  • Android version 8.0 Oreo (hold the setting icon long)
  • Android version 9.0 Pie till latest Android (required 3rd party apps to trigger the System UI Tuner)

Step 1: To enable System UI Tuner

To enable the “System UI Tuner” for Android 8.0 and any versions below:


  1. Simply slide down the notification bar from the top, you will see a gear-shape icon that is the “Settings icon” located at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Then press and hold on the Settings icon till you can feel a vibration (or the haptic feedback) which you will notice the gear is spinning.
  3. After a while, you will be notified with a pop-up message saying, “Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings”.
  4. Once you saw the message appears, you should be inside the setting menus straight away.
  5. Just scroll down till you see the brand new System UI Tuner sub-menu has been added to the list.
  6. This message only pops up on all devices running from older version of Android until the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.

To Enable the “System UI Tuner” for Android 9.0 and any versions above:

The way to unlock it is not the same on the latest Android 9 Pie, and however feature is still there. If the System UI Tuner menu isn’t out there, it is actually very easy to bring it out is by using a third-party app. To trigger the the System UI Tuner on your Android 9 Pie device, here is you need to do:


  1. Go to your Google Play Store and download and install the UI Tuner Launcher app, click here for Download Link.
  2. Once it was installed, then launch the UI Tuner Launcher app and press the “Got it”button as you see the pop-up menu screen.
  3. Then, the System UI Tuner menu should now be appeared in your setting menu just like the older version of Android too.

Step 2: How to Use the Status bar Feature in System UI Tuner.


  1. Once you have entered into the System UI menu, click on the Status bar.
  2. Then you will see a huge list of the features to be turn “on” or “off” on your Android device by just toggle the switch right next to each one of them.
  3. If you desired to turn the specific icon off, just toggle the switch to hide the specific icon from you sight, it means you will no longer see it appears at top of your screen, unless you wish to turn it back on.

So, here you found the way to unlock system UI Tuner easily which also allows you to hide your notification icon upon you desired.

Just feel free to control which Android phone symbols at top of screen appear and which ones you don’t like to appear.

Unable to Enable the System UI Menu?

Don’t worry if you are not able to enable the System UI Menu, because some phone tends to not have this setting come along with and it is not the end of world.

We have a better solution here by overlaying your very own status or notification bar. Like it or not, I preferred it very much because it has also a very customization solution to turned hide the undesired icons easily by just installing following Android applications called as “Status”. You can download the apps (Status) by clicking here.


Familiar Icons That Appears:

There are some familiar icons would appears on the left hand side of the top notification bar. To identify what should appeared on the left, and what should on the right, below we will help you to identify easily which also includes how to hide the application’s icon easily.

1.     Notification Bar (Top Left Corner).

The notification icons that usually appear on the top left hand corner on notification bar means coming from your applications (Android apps) that comes along preinstalled in your phone, or apps that you installed.

For example, if you have Facebook installed, usually by default the notification coming from Facebook icon would appears on the notification bar, which almost every apps you installed would appears the same by default.

You probably desired to turn some of those notifications from apps “off”. Well it is very easy, because the notification is literally just found inside the “Setting Menu > Notification > toggle the switches to “on” or “off” based on your needs.

2.     Notification Bar (Top Right Corner).

The notification icons that usually appear on the top left hand corner on notification bar means coming from your Android original system’s setting that you can turned them “on” or “off” by using the System UI Tuner as we mentioned above.

Did You Still See any Unfamiliar Icon?

If you have notified with unfamiliar icons which even not listed above, do feel free to leave us a comment below this page and we will assist you to identify that icon, then explain to you what that icon really mean and solution to turn it off.

If there are still any issues your phone is facing, you are free to let us know in the comment section below so that we can proceed to help you identify.


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