What Does the Battery Level Color Bar of an iPhone Really Mean? Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green Battery Bar Meanings.


Battery level bar of an iPhone is represented with various colors that sometimes leads you to be curious about it and the meanings behind it. We may have heard from many friends the meanings of the battery level color bar represents, but the individual battery level color indicates its actual meanings in a pretty cognitive way.

Based on the default setting, the color of the battery would change from green to red based on percentage % of battery level it is. As for the latest iPhone’s update, the following are the best explanation of battery level bar’s colors and meanings.

iphone battery life ●      If the battery icon color is Black, it means the screen background color is light color.


battery bar white ●      If the battery icon color is White, it is due to the background color being dark.


iphone charging ●      If the battery icon color is Green, it means the iPhone is charging.


battery bar yellow ●      If the battery icon color is Yellow, it means the iPhone is enabled with low Power Mode and is <80% battery level.


battery bar red ●      If the battery icon color is Red , it means the iPhone battery life is below 10%.


If you still have any doubts with the table above about your iPhone’s battery level color meanings, feel free to comment below so that we can help you out instantly.

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