What Does The Half-Moon Icon Mean On My Iphone? And How To Turn Off This Half-Moon Icon?


halfmoonicon meaning

You probably have seen a half-moon shaped icon at the top of your iPhone’s status bar. Many have confused this icon as the sleeping mode or dark theme mode. However this icon was slightly not as what you think it means really is.

To help clarify this half-moon shape icon, we shall confirm with you that it shall look like the following icon.

do not disturb icon

When you see a half-moon shaped icon at your iPhone’s status bar, it means that you have enabled “Do Not Disturb” mode. This mode will help your iPhone to mutes a specific type of conversation or notifications.

When “Do Not Disturb” was enabled, your phone incoming calls will be sent straight to voicemail. You may still receive text messages, but the alert or notification for new messages that comes in while this feature is enabled will not be seen. However for apps you are allowed to send notification in, therefore you will be able to receive or see it.

If you have no idea how to use Do Not Disturb mode, you can continue reading the end. But if you are curious to disable this Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone, we will provide your few easy and fast ways to turn off this half-moon icon on your iPhone.

How To Turn Off The Half-Moon Icon Or Do Not Disturb Mode On My Iphone?

Method 1: Swipe down from the upper right corner (or swipe up from bottom of iPhone’s screen for lower than iPhone X phone) and find the half-moon icon in the Control Center. If the half-moon icon was enabled, it would appear to turn white & blue color of the half-moon.


Therefore, you shall tap the half-moon icon and disabled it which turns the black & white color of the half-moon icon.


Method 2: You can also access Do Not Disturb settings as follows:

iPhone Settings > Do Not Disturb > toggle left to disable Do Not Disturb feature.


How to unmute a Messages or Notification on my iPhone?

You should have noticed the half-moon icon in your Messages app. This means the notifications are muted for specific preset conversation apps.  To unmute a conversation, you can easily just swipe left on the conversation’s person and tap “Show Alerts” to enable the notification whereby conversation will be unmuted.


How to unmute incoming calls when enabled Do Not Disturb Mode?

When you enable Do Not Disturb mode, the only incoming calls can get through are the person who has been added to your Favorite list in Contacts. You can add someone in your Favorite list by opening the Phone app > tap Favorite Tab > select (+) sign on the upper left corner and choose the person whom you want to add into the Favorite list.

Once your have done that, you have to allow the favorites list person to contact you when Do Not Disturb is enabled:

iPhone Settings > Do Not Disturb > select Allow Calls From > select Favorites.


So the next time you have enabled “Do Not Disturb” mode on your iPhone, you could receive phone calls from the favorite person. You could also use another option which is setting a new custom Focus mode, which allows notification for specific apps or people to block from for a set period of time and much more customization that you prefer.

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