What does the Hurricane Icon In Notification Bar mean & how to disable this RCS feature?

how to disable the hurricane icon rcs icon

If you are having issues figuring out what this hurricane-like icon is, then you have come to the right place. The icon as below shown is the mentioned hurricane like icon, and some also mistakenly called it a synchronizing icon, two cycles converging icon, shape of two crescent moons touching, and etc.

Today we are going to uncover this icon’s true meaning and why it exists in our android phone. It is actually an icon specifically for the RCS service on Android Phone.

So, what is this RCS service on Android phone use for?

The RCS (Rich Communication Services) or (Chat for short), is known as a new messaging protocol, with the intention to replace the good old SMS and MMS feature on Android phones. This RCS is capable of bringing richer features, which comprise of great features available on the best instant messaging platforms that we are familiar with such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

Most major big network carriers have committed to this RCS feature with Google, which will turn out to play a huge part in the new messaging experience.

If you are one who is being interrupted by the hurricane RCS icon and decided to disable it, or having issues with RCS on your new phone which by suppose you should turn off the RCS on your old phone to solve it. No matter what, you would want to know how to turn off this RCS or “Chat” on your phone.

It is pretty easy to turn off RCS or “Chat”, you are required only to follow what exactly we show as follows on how to disable RCS or ‘Chat”.

How to disable RCS or “Chat” in Google Messages

Method 1

If you can recall, the easiest way to turn off RCS on your old phone is to switch off your old phone before you switch to your new phone. Else, the Google “Chat” might continue to work on your old phone for up to 8 days, even if you pull out your SIM card and put it on the new phone. Therefore, you can disable RCS at following setting:

Open Messages > Tap three dot icon at the top right > Settings > Chat Settings > toggle left “Enable chat features” to disable it.


If above Method 1 works for you, then you don’t have to continue Method 2. Else, you may proceed with Method 2.

Method 2:

rcs link

rcs link page 1

For any reason that you forget to turn off “Chat” on your old phone or desire to do so and have issues with messaging issues on your new phone, then you can safely use the web deactivation portal n to fix the issue by helping you to disable it.

Step 1> Enter to Google Messaging web portal to officially disable the RCS or “Chat” feature by entering your phone, and enter the verification 6 digit code to verify the phone number is yours.

Step 2> It may require some time to fix everything, but this is the big step to get a fix process successful.

rcs link page2

At this moment, as you disable the RCS or “Chat”, you will not be receiving the RCS service and its notification icon at your notification bar.


Otherwise for those who wish to enable this RCS or “Chat” feature on your new phone, you can

Open Messages > Tap three dot icon at the top right > Settings > Chat Settings > toggle right “Enable chat features” to enable it.

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