What Is That Looks like TV Screen Icon on Top Right Corner of My iPhone?


I have noticed a TV screen icon that appears on my iPhone’s status bar at the top right corner of my screen which I have not seen before. I tried to find out the reason of this icon and meaning from my friends and throughout the internet, but no one know what this icon really means.  Therefore, the TV screen icon looks like as following.

Based on assumptions, many people always thought that this icon has anything to do with pairing with TV and don’t know if something has to do with pairing other devices. The only question many would ask if they saw this TV Screen icon is, what does that mean and how to remove it from the status bar?

What is the meaning of TV Screen icon on top of my iPhone screen?

This TV screen icon appears on our iPhone status bar actually indicates that it is an ‘AirPlay’ feature, meaning that it will automatically stream to any AirPlay devices. Your iOS devices would automatically AirPlay video (or Screen mirroring) to Apple TV or to any compatible smart TV that you frequently use. Every time you open video app and see a TV screen airplay icon on top left corner of your screen, this mean an AirPlay device is already selected.

You can adjust to AirPlay with different devices by tap on the airplay icon, and then tap on another devices showed up.

How to Disable the TV Screen icon on top of my iPhone screen?

To Disable this TV screen airplay icon feature, you can tap the AirPlay icon, then just tap “iPhone” to stop streaming with AirPlay.

How to screen mirror from your iPhone to your TV?

If you wonder how to screen mirror from your iPhone to your TV, here are tips to cast any of your video in your iPhone to the TV with this AirPlay feature.

AirPlay feature can used from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch too.

Step 1> Make sure your iOS devices is connected to the same Wifi- network as your Apple TV or any compatible smart TV.

Step 2> While you are playing any video on your iPhone, tap this TV icon airplay around the video screen of your iPhone and AirPlay it to your Apple TV or compatible smart TV.

You can stop the AirPlay streaming by tap on the airplay icon, the just tap on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the list.

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