What Is the Blue Dot Appear Next To An App On My iPhone’s Home Screen?


If you are using iPhone, probably you have noticed the blue dot next to the apps on iOS home screen. If you saw this blue dot icon on your iPhone, iPad or iOS devices home screen apps or apps inside any folders, then you will find out the answer here with detail explanation of the blue dot meanings.

The blue dot icon looks like the following in the iPhone screenshot.


What is the Blue Dot Appear next To an App Mean on My iPhone’s?

This blue dot icon below the apps or beside the app’s name means the apps have been recently updated. If your iPhone automatically updates the apps when a new version is released, then the blue dot will appear below the apps. This means when you run the apps for the first time after the update, the blue dot will be removed or disappear.

Is The Light Blue Dot Icon Next To An App The Similar One?

Some iPhone users who experienced this light blue dot instead of dark blue dot next to an app which seems like a glitch happens after or before an update, which claimed to fixed this issue after a software update.

There are some iPhone user claimed that the light blue dot icon instead of dark blue dot next to an app is due to the background wallpaper affecting it to turn light blue to make it more visible to iPhone user instead of dark blue dot.

How To Disable The Blue Dot Appear Next To An App On My iPhone?

If you are annoyed by the blue dots crowding your iPhone’s home screen, you can’t disable the blue dots in the setting as below.

There are some iPhone users who utilize this blue dot as an indication of how long you have not used the apps that have not opened for quite some time since the blue dot is still there. If you find out many unused apps, you can just uninstall them instead of emptying your iPhone’s storage. Leaving your iPhone with more storage space will lessen slowing down your iPhone overtime.

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