What Is the Blue Microphone Icon on My iPhone? You Must Turn OFF With These 2 Steps!


blue microphone 2

My iPhone has a blue microphone symbol or icon appeared on top of the status bar. I saw few posts saying to turn off microphone usage apps which I have done and still again even restarted my phone while still getting this blue microphone icon indefinitely. This microphone icon looks like some apps is using my iPhone’s microphone which can be hearing what I’m saying now, so please provide solution so that can turn off or disable this blue microphone icon immediately.

Is the blue microphone icon or symbol looks like following screenshot?

blue mic

Why does my iPhone has a blue microphone icon in the status bar screen?

If you noticed this blue microphone icon appear on your iPhone status bar, then it means the feature called Voice Control is enabled. Voice control is not the same as Siri because Voice Control can command iPhone to perform certain voice to control task even when Siri is turned OFF. Siri and Voice Control is a separate feature therefore even Siri is turned off and you can still use voice to command your iPhone to perform certain task.

There are post out there said to disable microphone and even Bluetooth which is not possible to remove this blue microphone icon in the status bar/

Why am I still not able to remove this blue microphone icon on my iPhone status bar after I turned off the Voice Control?

By turning off Voice Control can still not able to remove the blue microphone icon because you are required to disable another setting in the following step.

How to turn off/disable this blue microphone icon on my iPhone status bar?

It is quite easy to remove or deactivate this blue microphone icon in the iPhone’s status bar. You are required to disable 2 options, which is “Voice Control” and “Press & Hold to Speak”. You must follow the below two (2) steps to remove this blue microphone icon from the status bar.

(Step 1) Open iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Turn Off.


(Step 2) Open iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Side Button > Press & Hold to Speak > Turn Off.



After these 2 settings implemented, the Blue Microphone Icon will disappear from your iPhone status bar.

If you still have more question about any weird or persisting notification icons appeared suddenly that you want to know why and how to turn it off, just comment below so that we can help you immediately.

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