What Is The Floating T Icon On My Samsung Phone? How To Remove This Icon Now?

accessibility floating icon samsung1

If you are new to Samsung phone or just bought a new Samsung phone, or even getting a latest update from Samsung, perhaps many of you have noticed some green floating icon or green icon at the edge of the screen on every page of the screen.

Some users claimed that this new floating icon is frustrating them for most reason is that they don’t know what it is and how to disable them from their Samsung phone. If you are happened to discovered such icon as below on your Samsung phone, then you are in the right place to disable it easily and don’t worry it is not a virus or anything.

floating t icon samsung

This is an “Accessibility” feature that works great in assisting you to use your phone at fast access to any shortcut actions you found useful in the accessibility action list.

The green floating icon may found in various actions as you have seen in the accessibility action list below:


Some users may describe this icon as a floating green icon with letter T, floating green man icon, floating green color ink filler, or etc as you seen in the photo.

If you see any of these icons on your Samsung phone, it appears that your phone has enabled the Accessibility mode. To disable this icon, you can go to the Setting > Accessibility > Advance setting > Accessibility Button > Select Actions > Untick the “Accessibility” icon > done and it will gone.


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