What is the unknown (Speed Meter With Battery) Icon in the Notification Bar? Enhanced Processing Mode Icon.

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One day when I was playing android games on my phone, I was getting this new unknown icon in my Samsung Android phone.

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It is pretty frequent that we noticed this icon turn on and off when we opened some apps. The icon was often described as battery optimizer, scale with battery icon, speed meter with battery icon, clock with battery icon and much more confusion.

So, actually what is this “Enhanced Processing” mode?

To uncover this icon’s true meaning, it is actually an Enhanced Processing feature that used to boost CPU speed whenever you needed it in some apps even though your phone was currently set to Power Saving Mode.

This in fact has helped a lot in improving power saving mode and turning on enhanced processing mode whenever necessary such as playing heavy games and other extensive tasks. The reason that the previous power saving mode couldn’t get its full CPU speed, instead was speed capped at low power without being able to unleash its full CPU speed and GPU power to run the app faster and better.

With the latest Android 11 update, the power modes selectable is now only left with default mode and power saving mode, leaving enhanced processing mode and add-on options to speed up CPU on demand for active apps. Thanks to this combination feature, more smartphones were able to benefit from it to have a longer battery life.

How to enable and disable enhanced processing?

You can disable this feature from:

Settings > Battery and device care> Battery > More battery settings > Toggle left to disable the “Enhanced Processing” mode.


If you wish to enable this Enhanced Processing feature:

Settings > Battery and device care> Battery > More battery settings > Toggle right to enable the “Enhanced Processing” mode.

enhanced processing toggle icon

How to enable and disable enhanced processing at the notification panel?

As you slide down two times from the top of the screen, you will see the notification panel with a lot of icons to tap into. Then slide to the right hand side to find the Enhanced Processing mode icon.

If you however did not discover the Enhanced Processing mode icon at the notification panel, it probably means that you have not yet added the icon into the notification panel.

button order

To add the icon into your notification panel, you have to click on the triple dot icon at the right hand side of the notification panel > Button Order > Drag to add button (Enhanced Processing) from top to bottom of the notification panel > Done.

One you have added the Enhanced Processing Icon to the notification panel, you should be able to easily enable and disable this feature anytime easily based on your requirement.

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