What Is This Little Lock Icon With Circular Arrow Next To My Battery Life On My iPhone Means?

orientation lock thumb1

I noticed there is a lock icon or lock with a circle arrow icon that is next to the battery icon in my iPhone’s status bar. This icon looks like a lock icon or lock with circular arrow icon that appears on top of my iPhone screen which means what?

The Lock Icon with Circular Arrow looks like following picture.

lock orientation icon

This lock icon with circular arrow is actually a “Portrait Orientation Lock” function exists in most smartphones which prevents your iPhone screen from turning from portrait to landscape or vice versa whenever you are rotating the iPhone in portrait or landscape physical position. By default of your iPhone’s orientation (Portrait Orientation Lock is TURNED OFF) setting, when you physically rotate your iPhone the screen will also rotate from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa. But if this function is turned on (will shows the lock icon with circular arrow), then it will prevent your iPhone’s screen from rotating.

How to turn off this lock icon with circular arrow in my iPhone?

You can turn off this lock icon with circular arrow from your iPhone’s status bar easily by just swipe up from the bottom of screen to access the Control Center > then find this icon (Lock Icon with Circular Arrow) and tap on it to turn it off.

iphone lock orientation1


You can find best suit whether to turn ON this “Orientation Lock” or not accordingly to how you use your iPhone. If you encounter any notification icon problems that you can’t seems to figure out, you can comment below or you can check the list of notification icon compiled list here for especially iPhone.

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