What is this Person icon in the status bar of my iPhone? How to disable this person looking icon?

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The person icon inside a badge could look unfamiliar to you, which can cause curiosity in most iPhone users. You may have noticed that this icon looks like a person inside a badge or sort of like a working badge looking icon. This person looking or working badge look alike icons are as follows.


This icon is called as a “Work” mode, and actually comprises various customizable from “Focus Modes” that you can tweak your own, which preset with a standard Focus Mode of Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work, Sleep, Driving, Fitness and much more at your own customization. Therefore, you may not just notice a person icon in your iPhone’s status bar, eventually you would notice other Focus Mode icons when the Focus Mode was Active/Enabled. You could also schedule when to switch to those individual Focus Mode activities so that you can automate the activities based on time or location sensed. Focus mode can be found in the following settings:

iPhone Settings > Focus > To enable any Focus mode (or) add a new one with plus icon.


You could also easily access your Focus Mode in the control center. Simply just tap on any of the activity of the focus mode and you have enabled it. You can also disable it anytime by tapping the same icon that you have enabled.

controlcenter focus mode

Therefore, you shall not be worry if your saw any different focus mode icons in your iPhone’s status bar that looks like following:

Icon Type of Focus modes Icon looks like
do not disturb Do Not Disturb Half moon shape icon
personel Personal A person icon
work Work A person in a badge icon
sleep Sleep bed icon
music Music headphone icon
driving Driving car icon
fitness1 Fitness A person running icon
pettime Pet time dog’s paw icon
  • Do Not Disturb ( Half-Moon icon)
  • Personal (A person icon)
  • Work (A person in a badge icon)
  • Sleep (bed icon)
  • Music (headphone icon)
  • Driving (car icon)
  • Fitness (A person running icon)
  • Pet time (dog’s paw icon)
  • or more at customization icons in the Focus mode.

There are more icons here for you to customize that suits the activities of your focus mode if you are curious that there are more icons as follows.

To wrap up the Focus mode, you can custom and add new activities for your focus mode with restriction on notification or apps at certain schedule or automation. You could also share across your Apple devices so that whenever you are on any devices which you should not miss the focus mode that you need anywhere.

If you found more unknown icons that you have doubts, just drop a comment in any of our pages so that we could assist you instantly. Here are entire iPhone or iOS devices status bar icons, control center icons and apps icon with meanings for your clarification.

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