What Is This Phone with an Arrow Pointing to the Right Icon on My iPhone and How to Disable It?


It Showed Up In My Status Bar This Morning And I’ve Never Seen It On iOS or iPhone. What is this phone with the arrow point right icon? It showed up in my status bar today and I have no idea what it means and how to remove it?

The phone with arrow pointing right should look like as follows.

call forwarding

Majority of smartphone, including your iPhone comes with this Call Forwarding feature, which lets your iPhone redirect all incoming calls to another different phone number. When you are setting up the call forwarding, your iPhone will not ring and it will just forward the call to another phone number. This is why when you enable call forwarding on your iPhone, the phone with arrow pointing right will appears on the status or notification bar.

How to disable this phone icon with arrow point right from my iPhone screen?

If you are just temporary setting up calls forwarding, then you can disable it easily as following settings.


iPhone Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding > toggle left to disable Call forwarding.

Here are more iPhone’s notification icons on its status bar if you would like to understand more about. If you have discovered more notification icons on your status bar, please feel free to comment below so that we can help you identify what it really means immediately.

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