When is Galaxy S5 Mini Coming out

So when is Galaxy S5 Mini coming out ? SG S5 is the hottest smartphone on the market to day and we have just received confirmation from a viable source close to Samsung company that there will be a new release for the expected SG S5 Mini in the fast approaching month of August, 2014.

So When is Galaxy S5 Mini Coming out?

We are expecting the release of the samsung galaxy s5 Mini due in August 2014.This confirmation that SG S5 mini release date has details on specs and features will be a lower version of the Galaxy S5 with options of colours as below photo. Availability in gold, cream, blue and charcoal grey.


So When is Galaxy S5 Mini Coming out what will its features be?

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini features disclosed are

*10 MP camera


*Android 4.2.2

*Wireless charging

Other SGS5 Mini features have not been disclosed, so stay tuned for the latest updates here on Galaxys5manual

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