Which iPad Should You Buy? Should I Buy iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro ?

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Are you getting confused with different variants of iPads available out there in the market? Certainly that none can provide the most suitable iPad variants that suit you, because only you are the one with the deciding factor to slim down the needs of why you need an iPad for. The aspects consist of whether “you are using an iPad for education purposes?”, “using iPad for gaming and media consumption”, “using iPad for professional works” and much more in the following articles.

Your hard time choosing the right iPad for yourself is certainly crucial to future proof from buying the iPad that is not suitable for your needs. Most of the time we often buy these devices based on our budget, however with several aspects and factors to consider, you came to the right place to slim down your choice in getting the right iPad for your long term use.

1.  What is a standard iPad?

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The standard iPad is an entry level tablet such that those who are new to Apple products would go for it also because it’s the cheapest iPad among other variants.

Importantly, for those who are getting this for general basic multitask purposes it was achievable thanks to its new iOS supporting features like Split View, combo keyboard with touchpad feature, and more multitasking feature. Moreover, the smooth multitasking and gaming experience was improved to 25% thanks to the new powerful bionic processor. Selfie camera was upgraded with a front-facing sensor with 12MP ultrawide supporting Center Stage, suitable for those who use a lot of Facetime. Its robust and strong body build was possible thanks to the unibody back Aluminum material on this iPad.

The most obvious reason here is if you only need basic task such as word processing, web browsing, education tasks including note taking, social or video media consumption, price, larger screen, longer battery life, great for occasional gaming, great sketching tools, and priced cheapest among other iPad, this is the best choice of iPad you should get for your mentioned needs.

2.  What is an iPad Air?

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iPad Air packs an amazing shrunk down small bezel OLED display at 60Hz frame rate and powered by a much faster processor than the standard iPad. This fast processor is capable of powering more high end games and multitasking with absolute smoothness experiences. Thanks to the new processor, iPad Air was capable of connecting to the latest 5G network connectivity. It also comes with a USB Type-C charging port which is a standardization method to get the product being generally standardized with various tablet devices with Type-C USB. Magic keyboard is a great accessory to transform this iPad Air into a laptop mode with touchpad.

As if your tasks or needs are getting more premium or professional, you should get yourself an iPad Air because it provides you with much more possibilities. Features that you may need on an iPad Air are a faster and powerful processor for more multitasking work, 5G connectivity, professional accessories with Apple Pencils 2 and Apple Magic Keyboard.

3.  What is an iPad Mini?

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Shrunk down, the iPad Mini was a compact and easy to hold one hand tablet device with an amazing OLED display at 60Hz frame rate and powered with a much powerful, newer and faster Bionic processor than the standard iPad. With that difference, we typically see why the iPad Mini was slightly more expensive than the standard iPad.

Although there are no headphone jacks which is quite a thing for some users, numerous Bluetooth connect accessories were widely available for tablets.

If you are one of those who prefer the iPad Mini display sized at 8.3 inches diagonally, with a shrunk down bezel, faster processing speed for better multitasking and gaming experience, very portable and easy to hold with one hand size, support Apple Pencil 2 and work as a great devices for toddler or child electronic nursery device. Just ensure you buy the suitable case if you occasionally share this iPad Mini with your child.

4.  What is an iPad Pro?

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Coming in at a superior variant of iPad, the iPad Pro packs with a much larger display option 11” or 12.9” inches display. Powered with a much faster processor M1 chip, you are getting much more tasks done faster in this iPad Pro. Similarly with iPad Air, connectivity of 5G network was capable which makes this device future proof.

Many have argued that iPad Pro couldn’t run most macOS software despite having a powerhouse processor M1 chipset. Since iPad Pro just runs on iOS, which is a tablet iPad operating system, you couldn’t get the professional work done with this tablet even if it does look like a laptop with Apple’s Magic keyboard. So, if budget is not your issue and you want a larger tablet screen with longer battery life without having to shut down like the macOS, this iPad Pro is a great option to go with.

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To avoid spending more money than you need, here is the advice you should consider. Overview, iPad Air for all around is the best option, while for  the standard iPad was a budget magnet option. For regular size, going with an iPad mini was fun to use for great entertainment consumption and little note taking was a great choice to pick this one. You can understand more here with Apple’s zero percent installment plan if budget was really your concern.

Some may be curious and would ask us whether “Should We Buy a Refurbished iPad”?

You should also be aware that accidentally cracking the laminated display of iPad Air and iPad Pro required much expensive replacement and repair cost. Therefore you should get your tablet or devices paired with a reliable phone insurance plan here to secure a much longer period of dependable tablet consumption experience. Perhaps you may want to find out why iPad is better than other tablet here.

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