Why no signal in the elevator?

The main reason why you may experience no signal or poor signal quality inside an elevator is because the metallic structure of the elevator can block or weaken radio signals, including cellular signals. Elevators are often made of metal, which can act as a Faraday cage, preventing radio waves from passing through it.

Furthermore, elevators are often located in buildings with thick concrete walls, which can also weaken radio signals. As a result, if you are in an elevator, you may experience weak or no signal for cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and other wireless services.

Additionally, the location of the elevator within the building can also affect signal strength. If the elevator is located in a basement or lower floors, it may be farther away from cell towers and other signal sources, which can lead to weaker signal strength.

To improve signal strength inside an elevator, some buildings install signal boosters or repeaters that amplify the cellular signal within the elevator. However, not all buildings have such systems in place, and you may still experience weak or no signal in elevators.

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