Why Samsung Is Better Than iPhone? Reasons Why Samsung Beat iPhone

Why samsung beat iphone v1

Samsung and iPhone are both the best brand of smartphone. However, when we want to buy a smartphone, we normally would want to know what the obvious differences between both brands are.

Apple iPhone build their smartphone from hardware and software that without surprise the phone would work much smoother and responsively faster operating system since the software for apple was develop by them from ground up to match their hardware’s build. Samsung smartphone use to be less dominant in software smoothness and responsiveness compare to apple, but know things have changed a lot for Samsung. Most new Samsung smartphone are coming in with major new features that includes better UI, fast refresh frame rate display, more camera options, and much more compared to Apple iPhone in various aspects.

Therefore, we have listed down the top reason why Samsung is better than iPhone in various aspects so that you can choose the ideal smartphone best suited for your requirement.

1. Samsung DeX Desktop View OS on A TV, Monitor Or PC.

Samsung DeX was a great desktop replacement by utilizing your premium smartphone as the main CPU.

To use Samsung DeX, you can connect Samsung DeX via wired or wireless to your TV, Monitor or PC. To navigate the Samsung DeX, it’s best used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse which gives you a perfect desktop experience on a bigger screen. Samsung DeX works great by splitting the screen for multitasking similar to how you usually use it on your Windows laptop or PC.

This cool feature is found only on Samsung Galaxy series phones, where you were not able to find it on any iPhone smartphones.

2. More Unlocking Options Ranging From Fingerprint Sensor, Iris Scan, Pattern Password.

You definitely know that the latest iPhone 13 series does not come with a fingerprint sensor anymore, which makes the iPhone lack this essential feature for some mobile users. However on Samsung premium flagship phones, you are not just getting a normal fingerprint sensor, but a faster and accurate under display fingerprint sensor with an optical sensor. Pairing with an iris scanner could work much simpler and faster accessing your phone without any pattern or letter password.

3. More Variation Of Camera Lenses With More Camera Features Director, Panorama, Pro Mode Etc.

Out of the portrait mode and slow-motion mode that iPhone have, as well as Samsung does, there are more features Samsung phone comes with such as Portrait mode video, Super steady recording, Pro video mode, Multiple cameras shooting at the same time, 8K video recording, and Single take feature.

The biggest winning point from Samsung premium flagship phone outtakes iPhone was, its detail long distance zooming feature, capability taking 100 times zooming while getting top notch quality detail photo from the 108MP lens.

Macro camera sensor was able to outperform iPhone in close up photo taking aspect. You are getting a much closer accurate and detailed focus which is visually better than iPhone.

4. More Devices Choice Ranging From $99 To $2400.

Samsung offers wide devices choice ranging from budget Samsung Galaxy A01 phone priced at $99 to Flagship premium Galaxy Note or S series line, even the most impressive Samsung’s foldable phone, Galaxy Fold 3 priced at $2400.

With much greater range of smartphone available to choose from Samsung, loyal Samsung fans who prefer the reliability offers, would continue to get Samsung devices down the line due to the trust given from customer and wider price range provide more options for different mobile consumption.

iPhone possess only the similar iPhone series, which there are not much wider range of option buy in, therefore at different preference of mobile customer would go for other brands that serves their requirements.

5. File Manage More Robust And Closer To The Computer System, With Simpler Friendly User.

File system robustness that is much closer to the computer by getting into the file manager. Samsung My Files providing you with newer “essential view”, focusing only the main folders that you would need to access generally, but don’t forget that the “all view” option was still available at the drop down menu. There are also features to open the photos view in split screen mode whereby you can view two (2) pictures to do more efficient  side-by-side photo comparison which is a winning feature compared to iPhone.

6. Better Multitasking By Split On The Screen With Two Apps

You are getting a great efficient multitasking feature thanks to the split screen mode. You can access split screen mode by opening any apps and tapping on the multitasking menu button to click icons of the apps and select “Open in split screen view”.

Many smartphone users find this feature was great to do task much productively when side-by-side apps views allows easier and faster multitasking efficiently. You may also preset the split screen view apps by selecting 2 apps you commonly used in split screen mode.

Protruding to the new generation of smartphone, this feature was found to be very useful; however you couldn’t find it in iPhone’s feature.

7. Platform Openness

With flexible customization thanks to Android OS with much flexible customizing your Samsung phone was easy ranging from changing to a different launcher for a cooler look without sticking to the stock or default launcher just like the iPhone. You can freely customize how your Android OS you want to look for your that suits your own taste and personality.

8. Dependable Battery Life At Larger Optional Size

Packing on Samsung various lines comes with option for larger 5000mAh battery size that provides dependably longer battery life compared to iPhone always ranging at only sufficient capability battery life. Being provided with more than sufficient battery life for a much demanding daily consumption was getting crucial, whereby an extra battery life we got from Samsung was more than sufficient and dependable when required.

9. Best Stylus Support Pop In/Out In The Bottom Of The Phone, Especially For Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note series and Z Fold 3 comes with stylus support being detachable in the phone symbolizing a much professional use for this kind of smartphone. Especially when you need to take notes immediately, presenting and performing sketches, accurate drawing stylus and more. You definitely will not be able to find this on an iPhone, which is common to see, as Samsung frankly dominates in this aspect especially for phones with stylus lineup.

10. More Innovative With The Design Such As The Foldable Phone, Galaxy Z Fold Series.

Samsung comes in with more innovate design compare to conservative iPhone design. You get to see the foldable phones especially it is risky at the first release, and kept improving till now with a much solid hinges at high level of proofing from water, dust or scratches.

11. Samsung Has Better And Innovative Display

You would be surprise that Samsung is a huge smartphone screen provider, even for big companies that includes Apple. Samsung has become the world top leading company especially for phone part supplying. Samsung has been innovative with smartphone screen design by making it comes true, ranging from display bezel-less without notch and punch hold display, as well the most impressive foldable screen. Samsung is being defined as a smartphone market innovator, which is the reason that most Samsung premium phone’s display looks and feels better than iPhone.


Overview of the comparison was pretty obvious that Samsung would be much better options of smartphone to go with, however iPhone does possess their winning aspect and reasons to buy an iPhone was also competitive. Still without doubts, I have been using both of the smartphone from Samsung and Apple, which I have discovered that both of them are the top premium quality smartphones that you would not go wrong with. They both have they advantages in various aspects which generally competitively close in comparison. To make up you smartphone choice, the end of the decision would be up to your important requirements and taste, also your wallet to decide that.

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