Why Should I Buy An iPad? iPad Is Better Than Other Tablet Devices Out There!

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There are few variants of iPads available out there, ranging from the standard budget iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and the iPad Pro with larger screen size.

It was a great range implemented by Apple, with target markets ranging from budget entry level iPad to the most futuristic proof of premium iPad Pro option to go with. However with various range of iPad variants available, its top tier quality was usually dependable and reliable for such a long period of tech sales since the first release of iPad first generation.

Other than the reasonably priced and top notched quality iPad, you are getting more than that which you have no idea about. This is why we have compiled the 14 best reasons why you should get an iPad instead of other Tablet devices out there.

1.  iPad was Priced Affordably.

The standard iPad was priced wonderfully at a reasonably entry level price which attracts numerous new tablet users to go with it or older Apple users to continue renewing their iPad. The reason why the iPad was cheaper than its mobile series iPhone is not due to its quality differences, but was due to its manufacturing cost being cheaper for larger devices like iPad when compared to smaller technology for construction and design for smaller devices such as iPhone. The relative difference in price also majorly came from the number of camera lenses, 5G & LTE connectivity, GPS, compass sensor, and more. This is why you should get an iPad being the main reason and you would fall in love with its brilliant friendly iOS software ecosystem.

2. iPad iOS Wide Features

Widgets apps on your home screen beautify widget tiles on tabs easier for your informative cognition. You always can get to your app’s information faster at all times. Split View was a great multitasking feature to open 2 apps side by side for getting much more works done. Presetting split view apps enable simple and faster opening 2 apps side by side for multitasking work immediately. Add tags to Quick Notes to easily find notes fast and easier. Quick note can as well add notes on every page browser and apps easily. Auto translation detects other foreign languages easily, even in photos. You can now build apps on iPad using Swift apps with the whole library and guide for creating your first apps. The good parts for after sales services, you get quite dependable time frames of up to date iOS throughout the consumption.

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3. Portability and Smooth Big Display Tablet as a Notepad

Built with a smooth 60Hz and huge display for notepad handwriting and capable of converting handwriting into text was a great note taking experience. By taking down important information or notes, you can utilize the iOS split view feature to enable web browser app view side by side with handwriting note taking efficiently.

4. High Quality and Durability Tablet

Built quality was better than anything you can find out there. Though Apple kept using the same design, its quality remained and internally improved with numerous touches. Robust built quality from iPad was reliable for such a dependable time frame throughout the consumption. Despite its good price point, iPad’s signature unibody Aluminum back and frame without losing any built materials. Major drop test done on iPad was capable of sustaining a certain height of drop test, though we do not condone you should drop your iPad, but its durability was surprisingly robust and strong.

5. Apple Pencil Unlimited Functionality

With the Apple pencil accessory to use on the iPad, design, sketches, drawings and more were capable. There are various branded Pencils suitable for iPad and would work compatibility the same, which is not an issue at all to worry about.

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6. Smooth Gaming Experience

Various tests conducted on games for iPad, even the standard iPad would be capable of playing high-end mobile games such as Mobile Legends, COD Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite, Genshin Impact and more smoothly and with no stuttering or no frame drop at high performance setting.

7. Impressive Ultra Wide Front Facing Camera for Facetime feature

Features of this ultrawide front-facing camera built and capable of focusing, following and only  cropping your face-shoulder automatically for Facetime, Zoom and various tele-conferencing even when you are moving around.

8. iPad’s Accessories Availability (Logitech Combo Touch & more etc)

Other than the various available iPad’s Pencil, Paperlike (screen protector with paperlike sound when sketching using iPad Pencil), Logitech combo touch keyboard (great case and touchpad keyboard with a hinge by Logitech for iPad), Logitech Bluetooth mouse and more.

Here are the best iPad accessories for students if you are in need to prepare for the upcoming semester.

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9. iPad Charger 20 Watt Adapter in-the-box with fast charging

The iPad can be charged with its fast charging adapter sized at 20Watt which takes around 3 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.

10. iPad has Powerful Processor for Multitasking

With an impressive bionic chipset solely manufactured by Apple for their own iPad, this allows the iPad to conveniently be perfectly suitable to their own iOS system. Multitasking was greatly suitable for major basic standard tasks such as web browsing, word processing, note taking, and more.

11. Accessibility Headphone Jack for iPad Standard only

Though only the standard iPad gets to keep its headphone jack port available, the rest of the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro does not come with headphone jack. Although headphone jack was not a very crucial feature for everyone, there are still Apple iPad users who love the headphone jack on their preferred devices. Not to brag about all the Apple devices that can utilize the Bluetooth headphone, but its standard iPad does come with a standard headphone jack for your best headphone sound experience.

12. iPad has a Reliable Battery Life

If you are curious with how iPad battery life does, then here we would reveal to you. The iPad Generation 9 surprisingly lasts longer than iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro with battery life lasting for 7.5 hours while video playing on screen time. It’s the most battery life dependable where you can use the iPad long enough without worrying about the battery life every time.

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13. Kinda Replacing Your Laptop for Basic Works

Although for some tablet devices users couldn’t agree with me on how this iPad can replace your laptop, at some point for basic tasks such as web browsing, multimedia consumption, typing or writing words processing, notes taking and more portability tasks dependable compared to the old heavy laptop. Coming with more keyboards with touchpad accessories available by Logictech or other brands, you can now turn your iPad more like a laptop now and much closer in the future. We agree that for those heavy softwares for professional users of accounting softwares and more expert users, this iPad could not really replace a laptop, but it gets the simpler task done with much portability thanks to its various accessories and features.

14. iPad is a great entry tablet to taste Apple’s interface

If you are going to change from Android to iOS, this is a great opportunity to enter Apple’s device at a much cheaper price and with numerous impressive features. It is a no brainer to pick the standard iPad for entry level tablet users if you have not tasted the cool ecosystem of Apple iPad.

15. iPad is now released with 64Gb storage size.

Upgrade to the new 64Gb storage size at just $329 price point of iPad, you could easily utilize the storage with sufficient space for numerous apps, including series of dramas from offline Netflix. You could as well get the iCloud services to expand your storage size by saving more documents, photos, and media files on the Apple iCloud services online.


The iPad has been around for such a long period of time and its quality was still undeniably robust and reliable throughout a long period of consumption. Nonetheless, iPad’s apps store has never disappointed most of the users thanks to the reliable constant update and consistent iPad iOS updates throughout all variants of iPad responsively. Are you still having a hard time figuring which iPad you should get? Here are more tips on which iPad you should buy guide, either is the Standard iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro

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