Why Should I Buy an iPhone over Samsung? Crucial 11 Reasons Why Apple is better than Samsung.

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Apple is known for its very loyal user base and always have been very enthusiastic about their release of products especially the iPhone with an unforgettable line-up queue. As opposed, there are equally enthusiastic people who love the Innovativeness of Samsung. If you are one of the Samsung enthusiasts, you may be the one who is having difficulty understanding why anyone would choose iPhone over Samsung phones.

In this simple yet detailed article, we have compiled a list of; crucial 11 Reasons Why Apple is better than Samsung smartphones.

1. iPhone Holds its Value Over a Longer Duration.

iPhone still holds its value over a longer period of time which the resale value would allow more ongoing trade-in or upgrade value into newer versions of iPhone. As described by Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), “iPhone is the most advanced device we have ever made” which replaced the camera, video recorder and music player. Therefore, he quoted that the most innovative product available is honestly not cheap to make. This means Apple will not sacrifice the quality for price is the main reason why the iPhone holds its quality value down the road.

2. iPhone’s Software Continuously Polishing.

Software of Apple works much polished experience that matched their familiar iPad and MAC OS.  The consistency of apps available on iPhone was compatible no matter using any version of iPhone iOS you have. In contrast with Android, the apps developer has to continually ensure that nearly all Android versions of different smartphone brands have to be able to stay compatible which puts tons of compatibility issues or bugs on the apps in Android devices. This is the reason why the iPhone owns a much more ideal quality of apps compared to Android devices including Samsung.

3. Apple’s Security and Privacy at Top Notch, Because Its Bugs Will be Fixed Asap.

Privacy security experience in iPhone keeps improving to secure your everyday usage safety, and ongoing bugs would be fixed as soon as possible in the following updates. Since android is more vulnerable due to Android OS being installed in a wide variety of smartphones, the weakness at certain phones can be vulnerable without manufacturer continuous update. Unlike Apple, they provide updates whenever necessary with the 5 year duration, instead of Android smartphones normally around 2 years only.

4. Apple’s Ecosystem Was More Complete Around All Of Its Devices.

Apple’s ecosystem was more complete around all of its devices. Apple was so good and has focused on building the ecosystem since the earliest devices. This is a great move by Apple that with a top quality build ecosystem, means more ideal interactiveness between devices and software of Apple TV, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, iCloud, AirDrop, Continuity, and more.

The iOS System is more complete because iPhone and iPad work the same, iPad to MacBook, MacBook to iPhone for similar ecosystem for much simpler user friendly interface. The ecosystem interaction was essential especially for those who need smooth flow of communication between similar devices, rather than different branded devices with difficult and complex interaction down the line. Therefore, it is a smoother interaction ecosystem between Apple devices, especially if you have been using MacBook, iPad or other devices.

5. Longer Phone Speed Maintain Down the Road Compared to Samsung.

The iPhone would maintain its speed down the line compared to Samsung. iPhone with its iOS would promise a longer period sustainability of software speed. Therefore you often notice Samsung or other Android smartphone speed would not be able to compete with the iPhone when the smartphone was 3 years older.

6. iPhone Gets A Perfect Video Recording Focus At All Time By Its Amazing Lens.

Video camera on the iPhone was experienced with much ideal overall video recording at perfect accurate focusing. Overall video recording focus was essential, especially vlogging for social media Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and all that. If you are vlogging or video taking for posting in social media, this iPhone is ideal for that. Samsung comes in with more upper spec, however focusing on iPhone videos recording was more dominant in the ideal focusing capability aspect.

7. iMessage and Facetime Communication Apps are the Biggest Market in the US.

iMessage and Facetime were the most commonly used in the US for the much more secure feature of communication in the iPhone, where Samsung does not come with these apps. The Android OS of Samsung phones does not have the best message apps, which can be a mess of tons of messaging apps to use whenever some of your friends think that apps suits them.

8. No bloatware Comes with iPhone Only Cleaner iOS System.

iPhone was premium with its software where you will not get any annoying bloatware found on Samsung devices. Cleaner iOS from annoying bloatware would provide a much more promising smother phone speed down the road at a longer period of time. This is why it often seems that Android smartphones gets laggy when used for at least 1-2 years or longer.

9. Trusted and Reliable Experience of Customer Support.

Customer services of the iPhone, especially in the US or any other country, are getting much support around the cities if you find any issue on it. For Samsung phones, you get a lesser Samsung store, whereby you have to mail the device back to the service center or to get them fixed through 3rd party stores.

10. iFixit Shows iPhone Was Easiest to Repair.

iPhone series was ranked higher than the Samsung phone which means the simple repair aspect on the iPhone was better than the Samsung phone. Samsung phones were getting much more complicated internally making more flexible repairs would not be allowed, making users would need to send to Samsung repair store or 3rd party store with higher charge of repair cost. The iPhone was simple to repair which allowed more acceptance of repair stores or even doing it yourself repair was possible if you felt the need to get handy internally.

11. Release of iPhone Mini for Users Who Love Smaller Compact Phone.

Compact smaller mini iPhone was still attract many compact phone lovers available compared to Samsung or Android phones that kept enticing larger phone’s display down the line. The simplicity of carrying this iPhone Mini was very easy to store anywhere in our pocket without worrying about the enormous screen phone falling from our pocket. The finger reachability was much more possible, as you can single handedly navigate an iPhone Mini easily.


If you are Samsung or Android smartphone users previously and now thinking about changing to iPhone, these reasons are what you are looking for. Undeniably, the iPhone was a great choice of premium smartphone that symbolizes a higher level of social status. Protected by top notch security as an everyday device was a crucial need you can find in the iPhone. As beautifully described by Tim Cook, iPhone packs with top high end quality smartphones which leads to its premium price tag you are hesitating about. Therefore, coming down to the very close aspect to which reason you would go for iPhone or Samsung was dependent on your taste, requirement and even the size of your wallet. We wish you could make a great choice ahead from here and thanks for reading till the end. Be like Apple, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

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