Xiaomi 13 leak design was gorgeous thanks to iPhone 14

New design from combination of Xiaomi 12 and iPhone 14


Xiaomi 13’s design has leak with likely of big upgrade from Xiaomi 12 and also would get different design from the inspiration of iPhone 14.
The leak reports shows the renders which likely a phone with a flat display, flat aluminum sides frame, and rear camera sensor in a square block, upgrades of spec from the Xiaomi 12 while making the design looks similar to the iPhone 14 series.

The design renders may said to look alike, however there significant difference to spot too. A 6.2 inch display with punch-hole front camera instead of notch or dynamic island, rear camera sensor are position differently, and also camera block housing looks different too which are 3 distinct sections that you can spot easily.

The Xiaomi 13 spec leaks claimed to has 50.3MP main amera sensor, 6.65-inch curved display and narrow side of phone, dimension of roughly 163 x 74.6 x 8.8mm while camera bump with small rise of 11.8mm.

Ofcourse we are slower listened about the leaks throughout this year, which may leads to a solid Xiaomi 13 line details released before the end of the year where all should be clear how it really come out impressively as usual.

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