Xiaomi/ Redmi/ Poco Notification & Status Icons Meaning? How To Turn The Status Bar Setting On/Off?

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If you are unsure about what the notification icons are is and you discovered on your Android smartphone, especially your phone brand is Xiaomi/Redmi/Pocophone, then you are on the right spot to figure out here. Since these devices are running on user interface of MIUI, the notification and status bar icons are almost identical because they are all under the similar user interface (MIUI).

You can refer to the list of notification or status bar icons below with description and meanings to further find out what necessary action to take after that.

Notification Icons Meaning In Xiaomi/Redmi/Pocophone:

xiaomi notification icon


Status Icons Meaning Running MIUI In Xiaomi/Redmi/Pocophone?

Reading Mode:

reading mode

You should have this button in most android phone, by which turns you phone screen blue light filter for less eye fatigue. For Xiaomi/Redmi/Pocophone, they have the Read Mode, when turned on, its feature will filter blue light rays for your smartphone’s display and provide you with adaptive dynamic contrast and restrict from blue light for reducing eye fatigue.

For your information, blue light is kind of light emitted from your gadget’s display that affects you secretion of melatonin hormone that helps you regulate sleep and wake sequences. Thus, you should keep your eyes protected from the blue lights.


Dark Mode:

dark mode

By turning Dark Mode on, your phone will change to black background and white text to keep your eye not hurt during night time and still able to read the text easily during in outdoor sunlight.


DND Mode:


DND (Do-Not-Disturb) mode when is turned on, it will direct incoming calls to voicemail and will not alert you about calls or text messages to avoid disturbing you. Another way of saying, it is also mean silence all notification, so that you will not get disturbed by your phone when you has turned this mode on. Most of the time, smartphone user will use this mode when they go to bed, during meals, meetings and movies time.


Battery Saver Mode:

battery saver

When you enabled Battery saver mode, your phone will lower your device performance to save battery power, keep stays running longer but at lower performance than usual. You also will not get vibrate feature and location service will be restricted as well which you apps will not be using your device GPS hardware.


Ultra Battery Mode

ultra battery saver

Xiaomi/Redmi/Pocophone will restrict all kind of background activities, while only able to use 6 applications accompanied by calls, SMS and network connection.

This mode will help your phone to increase standby time up to 25 times than the default mode. The numbers reveal, if your phone would last 10- hours in default mode, then this Ultra Battery mode will helps you last up to 250 hours.


Cast Mode:

cast mode

Cast mode supports Google Cast and Miracast for wireless casting to the display that comes with Miracast or Google Cast.


Mi Drop Mode:

mi drop copy

Xiaomi’s file sharing app, Mi Drop, that lets you share files and can be installed on Android smartphone. Mi Drop app also known with the name of ShareMe developed by Xiaomi Company.


Mi Share:

mi share

Mi Share also lets you share files with your friends without needing Wi-Fi network connectivity, while can as well relies on Bluetooth for fast pairing to transfer files at an average speed of 20Mb/s.


Floating Window Mode:

floating window

This new floating window mode can be enabled from your status bar, which will helps you to put an app in a smaller window that can be seen layered in-front over another app. This feature opens much more flexibility of multitasking that works quite similar to a PC file explorer.


Screen Recording Mode:

screen recording

In Xiaomi’s UI, MIUI, the screen recorder mode is an app that allows you record everything that happens on the screen of your Android device. It is known as a great app especially for the gameplays.


NFC Mode:


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless connection standard, which placed nearer with functions to exchange files and securely making payments without carrying tones of payment cards on your wallet with risk of losing them.


Grayscale Mode:


Grayscale Mode when enabled, it will turn your device screen into white and black which at the same time save the battery life. This mode will enable the elements of GPU renders only in these two colors instead of 32-bit color, which automatically consumes less power.


Sync Mode:


Sync feature will synchronizes your data which you select, if you enabled the sync mode, then your contacts, messages, photo will be saved on Xiaomi’s server safely. In case you lose your phone or change to new one, you can access your backup documents easily.


Buttons Mode Icon:

button navigation

This button mode icon will disabled the function of navigation bar when enabled, so you can click it again to enable the navigation bar or double click any of the navigation bar.


How To Turn Off Incoming Notification Icons?

To turn On/Off the notification icons of Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco smartphone, you can go to Settings> Notifications > Notification Shade > Notch and Status Bar > then On/Off the “Show icons for incoming notifications”.


If you have noticed any kind of unfamiliar or would like to know what is the meanings of that particular notification or status bar icons, you are very welcome to ask us anytime in the comment section below and we will assist you with the right answer.

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